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Para aqueles que me seguem a algum tempo sabem que a um ano ”apostei” numa beautybox, receber todos os meses produtos femininos em casa para poder experimentar, dar a minha opinião e posturamente se gostar comprar no tamanho. E para aqueles que sabem, eu tenho adorado cada caixinha que chega até mim, a @lookfantastic sabe como mimar uma mulher, e tudo aquilo que ela precisa.

Sem fugir a regra, este mês recebi outra caixinha, cheia de produtos, alguns já andei a experimentar outros não, deixo aqui o nome de todos eles. Mais tarde, posso dar-vos a minha opinião se assim quiserem.


H20 – James Read – gradual tan mist;

Luxe oil – System Professional – oil;

Solar oil – System Professional – protective oil;

Scrub Love – coconut cranberry body scrub;

Mellow – baked eye shadow in cream or peach;

Real chemistry – glow to the skin;

Glov – Hydro desmaquillage.

For those who follow me some time know that a year a go I decided to get a beautybox, receive every month female products at home to try, give my opinion and posture if you like to buy in size. And for those who know, I have loved every little box that comes to me, @lookfantastic knows how to pamper a woman, and whatever she needs.

Without breaking the rule, this month I received another box, full of products, some I have been trying others not, I leave here the name of all of them. Later, I can give you my opinion if you want.

ps, you can use my code DANIELA-RSB to have a discount in lookfantastic or use this link

Kiss, DannielaS.


Hi girls! 😀

New video is up on my channel. How to shopping in a website?!


I hope you like it.

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Olá meninas!

Até que enfim, estou de volta com os posts, estava desejosa de ter um tempinho para poder escrever aqui, mas tem sido tão dificil, gostava de estar aqui todos os dias, mas o tempo é curto…

Mas hoje aqui estou eu,

Trago uma pergunta para todas vocês, o que acham da nova moda ”flowers yes or not?”, ja aderiram a essa moda? Qual a vossa opiniao?

Eu pessoalmente, estou a adorar usar flores nas roupas, mesmo combinar umas calças com flores e uma camisola com flores, acho que fica super bem, tenho usado e abusado!!

Esta moda acaba por ser como a moda das tachas, mas o problema é que com as tachas nós usamos o ano inteiro, agora com esta tendência de flores na roupa acho que só com esta vinda da primavera é que vai ser super tendência, mas depois vai acabar por ser uma questão de tempo para desaparecer.

Aqui em baixo deixo’vos duas peças que adoro usar,



Espero que tenham gostado.

Beijinho, DannielaS.


Hi sweeties 🙂

For today’s video I decided to bring something different, my vibe… I hope you enjoy watching the video..

At the end, let me know which one is your favourite outfit.

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Hi! 🙂


There is a new video on my channel

I hope you like it!

P.s – I’m already schedule some posts here on the blog, I feel that I want to get more ”involve”.

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Hi sweeties 🙂

And because Valentine’s Day is already next tuesday, today I’m bring with me ”valentine’s makeup”.

I hope you like it!

Kiss, DannielaS.


Hi sweeties! 🙂

There is a lot of people asking the same questions to me, so today I decided to answer to all of them, telling you my story.

In June of 2010 I finished my high school, at that time I didn’t had enough money to go to university, so I didn’t apply for it. I come from a family that always believed that you need to fight for what you want. In that time, I was living with my mum, (as my mum and my dad was divorced since I was 11 years old) she didn’t have money to put me in university, as I had a old brother that didn’t went to uni for the same reason.

So I made a decision to start to work, to find a job for a year, to save some money to go to uni for the year after, but that didn’t happened. I paid for my drive license, I bought a car, I was really confident with my job and with my ”new life”, so I decided that I don’t want to go to study anymore and I’ll be working since that time until I can.

As a lot of people know, Portugal is living a big crisis that can not get out! Is really difficult to find a job, is really hard to keep your job, because you can not get permanent in your job, after 3 contracts they fire you because they don’t want permanent people, because there is a lot of costs for them.

So thats what happened with me, I had a job from August 2010 until 2012, after that they call me to the office and they said to me ”I’m sorry, I really like your job your are are enthusiast girl and hard worker, but I can not keep you here anymore”, so after that I lose my job, but because I was younger at that time I found a job really quick, but only part-time job, because they can pay you less if you are a part-time. So I was working in another company for one more year, I was really unhappy, because was only part-time, I never had a weekend off with my family… So I decided to look for another job, was really hard, but I found it!

Really nice job, working in a industry, monday to friday. With a free time in weekend for my family, to having my time off. I worked there for one year…

At same point, I decided to emigrate because I was feeling that If I would like to create family, to have my own house, to live my life, that job was not really enough.

So I come to London, in 1st of March 2014! Was the most really hard decision that I made in my life. I never been so many days without to see my mum, but I needed to make this decision.

But I still think that in that time, was the best decision that I made in my life. I group up a lot, in this past 3 years. I made my own decisions, I fell I got up and I’m still here.

If I would like to go back home? Yes, I still want! My heart stills in Portugal.

If you would like me to answer some questions about London, emigration, adaptation… Leaving in the comments down below and I will try to answer to everything.

Thank you for reading.

Kiss, DannielaS.


I just want to say thank for all the support that you guys being giving to me! This week I hit 100 followers here in my blog and 100 subscribers in my youtube channel.

My blog is growing because of you, because of your support, your feedback! Thank you for this new year present.

For some of you can means nothing or quiet nothing, but for me means a lot. I never expected that someone is going to read my posts or is gonna watch my videos…


Thank you so much!

Kiss, DannielaS.


Hi sweeties! ❤

Let’s talk about beauty box!!

How does works? Did someone tried already? What you think about? Do you think the price is good for the products that coming inside? Tell me everything if you tried already!! And if you don’t and you have any question, just send to me and I will try to answer 🙂

When I was a ”blogspot girl” I always tried to do this post every month, I’m being a lookfantastic costumer for quiet long time and I can tell you that I enjoying a lot. Ok, bad thing about is that I still have so many products that I have in a box that I need to try, but apart from that, is really good trying so many different brands and in case that I like I can buy in http://www.lookfantastic.com/ .

This is the January box


With a lot of nice treats for us…



They always coming with a little magazine that explains you everything about each product. And always coming with amazing products!!

  1. Mascara – Jelly Pong Pong
  2. Creme anti age – Nuxe
  3. Brow tamer – Pixi
  4. Conditioner – Briogeo
  5. Rose gold Tweezers – The vintage cosmetic company
  6. Liquid Glow – Trifle cosmetics


I like to receive this box’s because like that, I can choose which products fits me better.

Thank you for reading,

Kiss, DannielaS.


What to pack for vacation?

Hi sweeties! 🙂

If you are like me and you always strangling when is the time to prepare your luggage… this is the correct post for you!!


In this video I’ll give you some tips and essentials when you need to pack for holidays. I hope you will find this video helpful.

Kiss, DannielaS.

love you all ❤


Hi sweeties!

For today I decided to bring to you one of my latest lookbook’s. I didn’t make this posts for so long…

This was just on of my days off, that I decided to go out for a walk.


My closet:

Jeans – bershka ; boats – bershka ; coat – missguided ; scarf – local shop ; jumper – pull&bear


kiss, DannielaS.




And it’s here, the last video of #12daysuntilchristmas !! I know that I missed some of them, but if you open the video below you can check all of them in my youtube channel! I hope you enjoyed a lot like me. I’m ready for the next year with a lots of new videos and surprises!

And before we start the new year I have a ”gift” for all of you, If you go to the website coconut-lane you can use my discount code ”daniela20” and get 20% off in all of your basket.

There is some of the goodies that you can buy:

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Sorry, it’s been a while since my last post. But I’m being so busy with my youtube channel, getting ready for the Christmas!

But here I am, I’m back on track! And from tomorrow at 17:30 until 25th of December I will have a post here everyday!!!

I hope you like it, and I’ll see you very soon!


Kiss, DannielaS. ❤



I just public on my youtube channel a new video! Go and check it out. Is a big Haul from some online shopping that I made in the past two weeks. All the links are bellow, some of the clothes are not in sale anymore.

I hope you like it!

Just let you know, from 14th of December I will have everyday a video on my channel with hastag #12daysuntilchristmas . Is going to be a big challenge for me because as most of you already know, I have a full time job and sometimes is really hard to open my laptop, but I’m already preparing all the videos for you, everything is going to be on time!! Just subscribe to know when all the new videos are coming out! Love u all!

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There is a new video on my channel! ❤


Give me a lovely subscribe, thank you for all the support! I’m getting so excited with all of your comments, you girls are so awesome with me, all of you!!❤ I promises that if my youtube channel in 25th of December will have 1000subs I’ll start to do all of my videos in english and I’ll start to do some vlogs! So let’s do it!!!!

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There is a new video on my channel. If you would like to give me some feedback go here and check it out!


Give me a lovely subscribe, thank you for all the support! I’m getting so excited with all of your comments, you girls are so awesome with me, all of you!!❤ I promises that if my youtube channel in 25th of December will have 1000subs I’ll start to do all of my videos in english and I’ll start to do some vlogs! So let’s do it!!!!

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So tonight is the night! That all the shopaholics waiting for…  😮

Let’s get crazy with all discount online from 10pm today. Tell me girls which of you are crazy for black friday or boxing day?! What you normal do in this days?! Do you think that we can find big deals, or is psychological and it’s just another way to spend our money?!

For me, I’m not waiting for this day to buy something that I really want, because in my opinion the prices are not changing. Normally, I only use this day to buy my Christmas presents, for my family friends… like this I’m ready for December and I don’t need to worry about the time table.

Tell me all of your opinions, if you’re a really big shopaholic.. what you normal do? Or if you don’t care about black friday, what’s your opinion about this day?

Kiss, DannielaS.

Visit my youtube channel and give me a lovely subscribe mychannel , thank you for all the support! I’m getting so excited with all of your comments, you girls are so awesome with me, all of you!! ❤ I promises that if my youtube channel in 25th of December will have 1000subs I’ll start to do all of my videos in english and I’ll start to do some vlogs! So let’s do it!!!!

❤ ❤



If you would like to see how I made this make up, go and check out m new video. There I explain everything. And in a description box you can find all the product and where I bought them.


Thank you for all of your support! Is being great for me! ❤

Kiss, DannielaS.



I hope everyone is happy and enjoying your life   🙂

For today’s post I’m bring to you my ”Follow me to Kyoto – Lookbook 03”.


One more time, I went out on my day off for some pics and to have some fresh air, as I’m working everyday and I’m feeling that I really need extra holidays!! I decided to go to Kyoto garden on Holland Park (London). It’s a really cool place where you can take some nice pictures!



Scarf and bag are on my october favs, but I will leave all the links bellow.

Scarf – link

Bag – link

Jumper – stradivarius (but from 2 winters back)

Coat – link

Jeans – bershka (from last year)

Shoes – Adidas Stan Smith

I hope you like it! And I will see you back really soon ❤

Kiss, DannielaS.



And here it is the time for the october favs. I always try to get the best ones for me, the ones that used more and enjoyed during the month.
At the end I will leave all the links for everything, if you would like to have a look.


scarf ~ Link
bag ~Link
Garnier tissue mask ~ Link
Black opium perfume ~ Link
Garnier Micellar Water ~ Link
Mascara de pestanas Too Faced ~Link
Shadow Switch ~ http://amzn.to/2f3exqR
Loreal Foundation ~ Loreal foundation
Primark Candle ~ Primark Candle


Kiss, DannielaS.

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There is a new video on my channel. I hope you guys like it. I made in english thinking about in all of the people that keep asking me for it. Like that everyone gonna understand me, and I hope that can make sense.

Leave done below your opinion if you would like me to keep with the old posts writing or if you prefer in video.


Thank you.

Kiss, DannielaS.



Acho que ainda não vou tarde de mais com este post, por teoria o halloween é so mesmo hoje! Decidi divertir-me um pouco, e por isso trouxe comigo duas opções diferentes de maquilhagem. Uma parecida com a Harley Quinn para quem conhece do filme suicide squad, e a segunda decidi comprar uma pack na superdrug aqui perto de casa por 8£ e decidi copiar a make up que lá mostrava na caixinha.

I think I’m not late with this post, theoretically Halloween is only today! Today I decided to enjoy myself a little bit, and so I brought with me two different options for make-up. First one like Harley Quinn for those who know the film suicide squad, and the second I decided to buy a pack in Superdrug here close to my house for 8£ and decided to copy the make up that showed there in the box.



Deixo-vos aqui o link com acesso ao meu youtube para verem como fiz tudo, espero que deixem um grande gosto e já agora subscrevam o meu canal!

I leave you here the link to access to my youtube channel, go there and check how I managed to do two makes. I hope you gonna like it, if yes, give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.

Link to my channel:

Kiss, DannielaS



E aqui estou eu, a mostrar-vos um capitulo novo na minha vida que ja andava a programar à alguns meses, mas como o blog, não é algo que se faz de um dia para o outro, mas sim algo que se vai fazendo e criando ao longo do tempo. Requer bastante do meu tempo livre, mas aqui estou eu pronta para um novo desafio.

Amanha irei publicar o meu primeiro video de todos, para quem quiser eu deixo aqui o link abaixo do meu canal do youtube, subscrevam para atualizações!!  Já amanha!!

And here I am showing you a new chapter in my life that started some months ago, but as the blog is not something you do from one day to the other, but rather something that is being done and creating over time. It requires a lot of my free time, but here I am ready for a new challenge.

Tomorrow I will publish my first video ever, for those who want I leave here the link below for my youtube channel, subscribe to updates !! is already tomorrow !!

Kiss, DannielaS.



Tenho andado bastante ocupada com o trabalho, com a chegada do outono e com o natal aí à porta começo a andar numa correria no trabalho. Não queria que isto fosse desculpa para não vir aqui dia sim dia não, até porque tenho uma agenda com posts que quero aqui colocar, mas estou a espera do meu próximo dia off (só no próximo fim de semana) para atualizar tudo e deixar ja algumas coisas aqui prontas para o blog. Tenho algumas novidades a caminho, bastante contente com isso, mas que ainda não posso revelar (sorry).

Então hoje decidi deixar aqui algo qe faz parte do meu dia a dia, porque sim, para além do meu trabalho full time, da ida ao ginasio, do tempo de volta do blog e de tudo mais, eu ainda tenho o meu tempo para me atualizar nas minhas series.

Estas são as minhas series do momento: Stranger things; Blindspot e Arrow. Se nunca viram nenhum episodio de nenhuma delas, parem já tudo e começem a ver!!! Todas elas são de acção e que vos vão dar vontade de querer sempre ver mais e mais, sempre a espera de novos episódios.



I’ve been very busy with work, with autumn here and Christmas around the corner start walking in a rush at work. I did not want this to be an excuse not to come here every second day, because I have a schedule of posts I want to post, but I’m waiting for my next day off (only next weekend) to update everything and leave here some things here ready for blog post. I have some news on the way, very happy about it, but I can not reveal yet (sorry).

So today I decided to leave here something that is part of my day to day, just because, in addition to my full time job, going to the gym, the time around the blog and everything else, I still have my time for update myself on series.

These are my series of the moment: Stranger things; Blindspot and Arrow. If you never seen any episode of any of them, already stop everything and start seeing !!! They are all action and you will always want to see more and more, always waiting for new episodes.

Para além destas series existem que nunca esqueço: gossip girl; games of thrones.

E vocês? Quais são as vossas series preferidas? Tambem nao perdem nenhum episodio?


In addition to these series I can not forget about the best ones ever: gossip girl; games of thrones.

And you? What are your favourite series? Also do not miss any episode? Tell me everything! ahaha

See you soon, 

Kiss, DannielaS.



Here I was already with my skin ready (foundation, bronzer,…)


E nesta vibe, aqui vai mais uma make up de outono!

Nesta make up utilizei a nova palleta da Urban Decay (que falei no post anterior), com um tom roxo, mas o importante para mim neste dia não era mesmo dar o realce nos olhos mas sim, nos lábios. Eu gostei, e vocês? Um batom bem carregado – KylieJenner KOURT K – para dar realce a todo o look, nestes dias de Outono que aqui em Londres mais parecem dias de Inverno… Tem estado um frio que só apetece estar de pijama enfiada na cama a ver tv, mas não, trabalho trabalho trabalho.

Ando a tentar fazer algumas mudanças no meu quarto, mas partilhar quarto com o namorado não é facil, porque eles querem sempre a coisa mais simples e ao mesmo tempo mais desarrumado. Qual é a vossa opinião? Como lhe eide dar a volta para que o quarto fique com o meu toque final? Como vocês fazem? ahaha.

In this vibe, here’s one more make up for autumn!

In this make up I used the new pallet Urban Decay (I spoke in a previous post), with purple shadow, but the important thing for me today was not even give the enhancement in the eye but, on the lips. I liked it, and you? Really nice lipstick from – Kylie Jenner Kourt K – to give emphasis to the whole look in these autumn days, here in London more like winter days … It has been so cold, I only want to be in my pyjamas in bed watching TV, but no, I’m working like crazy, is coming the Christmas time that is the good for the business but at the same time is so crazy and making me feel so tired, that when I’m back home I just want to run to the bed.


I’m trying to make some changes in my room, but share the room with the boyfriend is not easy, because they always want the simplest thing and at the same time more messy. what is your opinion? What can I do to make sure that I’m the one taking care of the room? How do you do? ahaha.

Kiss, DannielaS.




Desculpem pela minha ausência, gostava de estar mais presente por aqui, até porque me sinto bastante bem quando estou de volta do meu blog, mas o trabalho as vezes não o permite. Ando com bastantes ideias para o meu blog neste momento, tenho tudo apontado na minha agenda, agora só me falta mesmo é o tempo, porque vontade não me falta!

Hoje deixo um look que tirei ontem, este é mais country side. O local para onde fui deu-me umas ideias para um look de outono para uma próxima vez, por isso para breve estará mais um look no mesmo sitio deste, mas look de outuno.

Decidi dar um toque final a este look com o batôm. Acho que ficou bastante simples. Acho que é uma boa combinação o bomber com a camisa. O que acham?



Bomber: Stradivarius; Shirt: Pull&Bear; Jeans: Zara; Shoes: Adidas StanSmith; Ring: Bershka; Lipstick: NYX

Sorry for my absence, I would like to be more present here, because I feel very good when I’m back on track with my blog, but work sometimes don’t let that happen. I’m having some ideas for my blog, I have all pointed in my agenda, for now just missing the time!

Today I leave a look that I took yesterday, this is more country side. The place where I was gave me some ideas for a autumn look for the next time, so soon will be another look at this same place, but look for Autumn.

I decided to give a final touch to this look with lipstick. I think it’s quite simple, and looks nice the bomber together with shirt. What do you think?

I hope you like it.

I create a depop to sale some of my cloths that I’m not using anymore, if you would like to buy something I leave her my username @dannielas https://www.depop.com/dannielas

Kiss, DannielaS.



And for today, easy and simple outfit! I was walking around on my day off, and guess what? Why not taking some pics for my blog?! Is a big challenge taking pictures in a middle of Carnaby Street, but did works. ahaha


Jeans: Bershka; Top: H&M; Shirt: Stradivarius; Jacket: Pull&Bear; Boots: Bershka; Bag: Stradivarius; Rings: Bershka

I hope you like it. If you would like to see more posts with outfits just let me know. I enjoy a lot taking pictures of my outfits, most of the my ideas coming from tumblr. What about you?

Kiss, DannielaS.


Autumn Lipsticks


Parece que já cheira a outono, aos castanhos, aos chocolates quentes, aos finais do dia na cama a ver series. Desde que me mudei para Londres, que a minha estação do ano preferida passou a ser o outono, na minha opinião, aqui vive-se intensamente o outono e o inverno, as ruas parecem tão mais bonitas, cheias de cor, o frio chega e com ele as bebidas quentes na mão a correr para o trabalho.

It seems that already smells of autumn, a lots of browns, hot chocolates, to end the day in bed watching series/movies. Since I moved to London, my favourite season of the year became the autumn, in my opinion, here intensely lives up the autumn and winter, the streets seem so much more beautiful, full of colour, cold arrives and with him hot drinks on hand to run for work.

E com isto nada melhor que trazer um ‘autumn lipsticks’. Deixo-vos aqui os meus batons preferidos para o outono,  pela cor deles. Nesta altura adoro cores bastante escuras e carregadas, os vermelhos, os roxos os cor de vinho…

And with this nothing better than to bring a ‘autumn lipsticks’. I leave you here my favourite lipsticks for autumn, the colour of them. At this time of the year is a lot of love for dark colours, red, purple …

Neste post começo por fazer a minha maquilhagem diária, menos importante, porque o ponto forte vão ser sem dúvida as cores de batôm.

In this post I start to show you my daily makeup, less important, because the strength will undoubtedly be the colour of lipstick.

three eye shadows that I used
the base for my make up


Eu não coloquei base porque como apanhei uma cor nas férias, neste momento acho que não é necessário. E depois os batôns…

I did not put foundation because I got a colour from my holidays, right now I think is not necessary. And then lipsticks …


então, seis diferentes batôns, de diferentes marcas…

then, six different lipsticks from different brands …


Brand: H&M ; 005 ~ rust me


Brand: Topshop ~ Hazard


Brand: H&M;  orchiidding me ~ 025


Revenge; gothic glam ~ 3


Revlon; backstage ~ 035


Topshop ~ The damned

Qual é a vossa opinião? Qual o batôm que preferem?

Que posts vocês gostavam de ver aqui pelo blog? A vossa opinião é sempre bastante importante para mim.

what is your opinion? What lipstick do you prefer?

Which posts you would like to see here on the blog? Your opinion is always important for me. 

kiss, DannielaS.


September Favourites 2016


E chegou aquela altura do mês, de mostrar os favoritos do mês de Setembro! Não tive uma escolha muito grande desta vez porque, sou sincera, este verão não usei muita maquilhagem. Não foi por motivo bastante expecifico, mas cheguei a conclusão que quero comprar menos e melhor, então ando a tentar acabar com os produtos que tenho em casa e só depois sim comprar alguns produtos novos.

And its that time of the month again, when I show you my the favourite osf September! I don’t have a lot of choice this time because to be honest this summer I did not use much make-up. I do not have any specific reason, but I got to the conclusion that I want to buy less and better, therefore im trying to finish the products that I already have at home and then I will restart with the buying.


  1. Lord&Berry cream foundation – estava com medo de mandar vir esta base pela internet, não tinha a certeza se era a minha côr ou não, e se ia gostar de ver. Mas no final tudo correu bem, e estou a adorar. Dura bastante tempo na pele e tem uma cobertura bastante boa.
  2. Batôm YvesSaintLaurent – adoro esta cor, e adoro esta marca… nada mais à acrescentar.
  3. Bronzer by UrbanDecay – adoro, acho que fica super bem com a minha cor de pele, e dá um acabamento especial à minha maquilhagem.
  4. Creme Avene – adoro esta marca, o creme é super hidratante, e além disso ajuda bastante nas pequenas alergias que por vezes tenho na minha cara.
  5. Energy ball by Deliciously Ella – não, não é para esfregar na cara chocolate e amendoas, mas acho que merece um lugarzinho aqui, é um snack bastante saboroso e sem sentimento de culpa.


  1. Lord & Berry Cream Foundation – I was afraid to buy this foundation on the internet because of my skin color, I was scared that it would not match my skin, but in the end everything went well, and I love it. Stays on your skin a long time on the skin and has a very good coverage.
  2. LIPSTICK YvesSaintLaurent – I love this color, and I love this brand … nothing more to add.
  3. Bronzer by Urban Decay – I love it and I think it looks well with my skin colour, and gives my make up a good finish…
  4. Avene cream – I love this brand they have very good quality products! This cream is super moisturising and It helps a lot in som small allergies that sometimes I get on my face.
  5. Energy ball by Deliciously Ella – no it is not make up, and no you cannot rub chocolate and almonds on your skin, it is just a no guilt snack that I just love.

P.s.: you can find some AVENE products on amazon, just click here ; If you need help on how to get any other product, just let me know, use the contact button on my page.

Kiss, DannielaS.




Sunshine blogger award



I can start to say, thank you soo much to the lovely girl from styleandstrike blog to nominate me for the sunshine blogger award. I leave the link here for her blog, go there and give some good feedbacks for her, she is a really cute lady 😉 lovely girl blog .

I was really surprise when I received a message from her saying that she nominated me, and now I’m feeling really excited and nervous at the same time that I’m writing this post. (omg). I’m feeling happy that this blog community is getting bigger and bigger, and here we can create relationships, to learn more and more.


  • Thanks the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog;
  • Answer the questions sent by the person who nominated you;
  • Nominate blogs to receive the award and write  them new questions;
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.


The questions from Ruhi to me:

  • Name one place you’ve always wanted to travel to? – I had always want to travel to London, since I was really young, but now I’m living here. So I can tell you my second place, Amsterdam.
  • How long have you been blogging? Since November of 2014.
  • Favourite song? – Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore.
  • If you could only take one thing with you, what would it be? Why? – My phone, can help me if I need to call someone, if I need to go somewhere. Can sound a bit stupid, because is not a person but a extra.
  • Adventurous activities or sight-seeing? – Sight-seeing.


My nominees:


My questions for the nominees:

  1. which one is your favourite colour?
  2. Autumn or Summer?
  3. Sunrise or Sunset?
  4. Why you create your blog?
  5. How would you describe your blogging style?
  6. Are your blog a full time job? or just a hobby?



That’s all from me. Thank you so much for all the feedbacks and comments that you guys leave in my blog. I will appreciate all of them.

Kiss, DannielaS.






Pois, parece que estou de volta das minhas férias, que o verão acabou e que agora é altura de regressar ao trabalho em força! Não estou muito para ai virada, mas o que tem que ser tem que ser e com muita força.

Seems that I’m back from my vacation, summer is over for me and now its time to get back to work, not that I feel like doing it, but what needs to be done needs to be done, so let’s do it full power.

Esta semana que passou estive nas Canárias pela primeira vez e adorei. Quando chegamos  à ilha parece que estamos no meio do deserto, a praia onde fiquei era super calma, com águas completamente transparentes (como costumamos ver só nos filmes) cheia de montes à volta. Foi uma semana para descansar e desanuviar do stress do trabalho, e assim foi. Se virem as fotos que vou aqui deixar e se sentirem com vontade de mais umas férias, porque não? Fiquei na ilha da Gran Canaria – Praia dos Amadores. Não tirei muitas fotografias porque fui para descansar, tirar uns dias para mim sem redes sociais e sem preocupações.

This past week I been in the Canaries for the first time and loved it. When we got to the island looks like we’re in the desert, the beach where I was super quiet, with completely clear water (as we see only in the movies) full of hills around. It was a week to rest and unwind from the stress of work, and it did. If you like the pictures that I’m posting here, and you feel like going on vacation, why not try Gran Canaria – Amadores Beach. If you need help I can help yo with some suggestions of what to do there and where to stay. I did not take many pictures as I just wanted to rest and stay away from social networks and what not. 

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Ida no barco para Puerto Rico
Praia dos Amadores

E com isto deixo um look, porque o que seria um post no blog sem deixar um pouco de mim aqui, ahah. Look bastante relaxante, e para um dia de bastante calor, com um fim de tarde à beira-mar.

And with that I leave a look, because what would be a blog post without leaving here a ittle bit of me, ahah. Look quite relaxing, for a very hot day, with a late afternoon at the seaside.


Jumpsuit: pull&bear  website where you can find

Bag: Stradivarius website where you can find

Jacket: Bershka website where you can find

I don’t think none of the item still available, but I leave here some link where you can find something that looks like..

I hope you like it,

Kiss, DannielaS.




Ás vezes não sei se sou eu que não sei aproveitar as oportunidades que me aparecem ou se penso de mais antes de agir… Isto para contar o meu grande ‘failed’ que se passou à uns dias.

No outro dia andava eu nas minhas compras pela internet e reparei que a #stradivarius estava a oferecer convites para um evento aqui em Londres, na compra de algum acessório ou roupa na página deles, eu como sou passei uns dias a pensar nisso, comentei com uma amiga minha e tudo e ela disse-me que era verdade porque alguém que ela conhecia tinha feito compras pelo site e ofereceram-lhe bilhete. Conclusão, eu perdi demasiado tempo e quando cheguei ao site já não havia nada a fazer.

Acabou por ser um failed da minha parte, que ainda passei a frente da loja, mas unicamente consegui ficar do lado de fora porque não tinha passe de entrada.

Sometimes I don’t know if I do not know take advantage of the opportunities that I appear or think more before acting … This to tell my great ‘failed’ happened to a few days.

The other day I walked in my shopping online and noticed that #stradivarius was to offer invitations to an event here in London, in the purchase of any items or clothing in their page, as I am spent a few days thinking about it, I said to a friend of mine and everything and she told me it was true because someone she knew had shopped the site and offered him ticket. Conclusion, I lost too much time and when I got to the site there was nothing to do.

Turned out to be a failed on my part, which still passed the front of the store, but only managed to stay outside because they had no entry pass. lol


short or not? — visit my last post and give me some feedback.

Kiss, Danni



Nao toco no meu cabelo desde marco, continua super saudavel e forte. Mas passei de uma pessoa que usa o cabelo acima do peito, para uma pessoa com o cabelo ate ao final das costas, levando-me isto a parecer uma pessoa com um ar pesado. Sinceramente sempre adorei cabelos bem compridos e esticados, mas acho que ja se torna um pouco de mais.

Neste momento nao sei que posicao tomar com o meu cabelo?! Sera que corto!? Sera que corto so as pontas ou dou uma grande mudanca nele?!

I do not touch my hair since March, still super healthy and strong. But I went from a person who uses the hair above the chest, for a person with the hair until the end of the back, makes me look like a person with a heavy hair. Sincerely always loved a big long and straight hair, but I think it already becomes a bit too much.

At this point I do not know what position to take with my hair ?! If I cut !? If give a great change on him?!

O que voces acham? Diferencas fazem-nos sempre bem!

What do you think? Differences are always a good idea!! 

have a look on amazon, can not cut our hair, but can make something nice: http://amzn.to/2cyLkVF
Kiss, xelegancex

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Hoje venho falar da minha experiencia com estes tão famosos lipsticks. Confesso de todas as reviews que já li pela internet, acho que a minha experiencia nao foi uma das piores…
1. Não tive esperar que tivesse available no site para comprar, simplesmente um dia passou-me pela cabeça ir a procura e lá estavam eles a minha espera available 😉 (ahahah)
2. Achei o preço super acessivel para a carteira de uma pessoa que esta habituada a comprar MAC, Urban Decay, etc etc..
3. Demorou-me uma semana e meia a chegar aqui a casa, uhuh não parou nas alfandegas nem nada disso (não vos sei dizer se é por morar aqui em Inglaterra ou não).
4. O ponto fraco desta encomenda vinda da America, tive que pagar uma taxa extra quando a encomenda chegou aqui a casa 15.70£, o que não fiquei muito contente porque os batons ficaram cerca de 5£ mais caros do que o que eu esperava.
Today I’m giving you the feedback about my experience with these lipsticks so famous. I confess all the reviews I’ve read on the internet, I do not think my one of the worst …
1. I had expected to have available on the site to buy, simply a day passed through my mind go looking and there they were waiting for me available;) (ahahah)
2. I found the super affordable price for the wallet of a person who is accustomed to buy MAC, Urban Decay, etc. etc ..
3. It took me a week and a half to get here home, uhuh not stopped the custom-houses or anything like that (I do not know you tell if it’s living here in England or not).
4. The weakness of this order coming from America, I had to pay an extra fee when ordering here came home £ 15.70, which I was not very happy because the lipsticks were about £ 5 more expensive than what I expected.

Estes foram os dois lipsticks que comprei, o “KOURT K” e o “MARY JO K“. Desde já vos digo que relaçao preço e qualidade, valem 100% o valor que damos por eles. Duram o dia todo nos labios, consigo comer/beber que não faz diferença.
These were the two lipsticks I bought the “Kourt K” and “MARY JO K”. Already I tell you that relationship price and quality, 100% worth the value we place on them. Last all day on the lips, I can eat / drink that makes no difference.


É um pouco diferente da minha vibe, um tom super escuro e que chama para a estação de Outuno que está ai a porta. É o primeiro da minha colecção com este tom assim, normalmente vou mais para os rosas e vermelhos. Mas decidi apostar nesta cor, e digo-vos foi uma boa aposta porque adoro!! Vem acompanhado do lapis de contorno para os lábios, e o que ajuda muito na construção da linha do lábio, se quer um lábio um bocadinho mais grosso e que dê nas vistas, ou não.
It’s a bit different from my vibe, a super dark tone and calling for the Autumn season that there is the door. It is the first of my collection with this tone so usually go more for the pinks and reds. But I decided to bet on this color, and I tell you it was a good bet because I love !! Comes with the contour pencil to his lips, and that helps a lot in the lip line construction if want a lip thicker bit and take in the views or not.



Já este, é só mais um para a minha lista de vermelhos! Mas adoro, porque todos eles têm um tom diferente. Apostei neste para uma saída de verão a beira mar, ou até mesmo para uma noite com as amigas.
Already this is just another one for my red list! But love, because they all have a different tone. I bet this for a summer exit by the sea, or even for a night with friends.

 Tanto um como outro, superaram as minhas expectativas, o que e bom. Se voltava a comprar? pela qualidade sim, pelo preco nao. Espero que gostem, alguma duvida e so caso de deixarem aqui nos comentarios, espero que consiga ajudar.
Either one or the other, exceeded my expectations, which is good. He turned to buy? the quality Yes, the price does not.Hope you like it, any question just leave it below, I hope I can help with something else extra.

have a look on the amazon, can help: http://amzn.to/2cT76Gv

Kiss, xelegancex