Do you want to know the answer?

Tumblr and pinterest – Tumblr is being with me for all my life or part of my life, I always used tumblr for my inspiration for everything, skinny girls, outfits, dyv, decoration for my room and house, etc etc… I have the app in my phone, to keep myself updated.


And for the past two years I’m getting inspiration in pinterest as well. This two web browsers are part of my life, when sometimes I’m feeling a bit down I’m getting my inspiration there, when I don’t know what I should post I just browser a bit, and here we go. Simple things that sometimes making my day.


My pinterest: https://br.pinterest.com/dannielasjesus

My tumblr: http://dannielas.tumblr.com/

What about you? Where you get your inspiration? Ahaha, tell me everything ❤

Kiss, DannielaS.

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  1. ive never gotten into tumblr but i am 100% a pinterest fan. its funny though because my best friend is much more of a tumblr lover over pinterest- either way they both have awesome ideas i could be on both for hours!

    xo, JJ

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