So tonight is the night! That all the shopaholics waiting for…  😮

Let’s get crazy with all discount online from 10pm today. Tell me girls which of you are crazy for black friday or boxing day?! What you normal do in this days?! Do you think that we can find big deals, or is psychological and it’s just another way to spend our money?!

For me, I’m not waiting for this day to buy something that I really want, because in my opinion the prices are not changing. Normally, I only use this day to buy my Christmas presents, for my family friends… like this I’m ready for December and I don’t need to worry about the time table.

Tell me all of your opinions, if you’re a really big shopaholic.. what you normal do? Or if you don’t care about black friday, what’s your opinion about this day?

Kiss, DannielaS.

Visit my youtube channel and give me a lovely subscribe mychannel , thank you for all the support! I’m getting so excited with all of your comments, you girls are so awesome with me, all of you!! ❤ I promises that if my youtube channel in 25th of December will have 1000subs I’ll start to do all of my videos in english and I’ll start to do some vlogs! So let’s do it!!!!

❤ ❤

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