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There is a lot of people asking the same questions to me, so today I decided to answer to all of them, telling you my story.

In June of 2010 I finished my high school, at that time I didn’t had enough money to go to university, so I didn’t apply for it. I come from a family that always believed that you need to fight for what you want. In that time, I was living with my mum, (as my mum and my dad was divorced since I was 11 years old) she didn’t have money to put me in university, as I had a old brother that didn’t went to uni for the same reason.

So I made a decision to start to work, to find a job for a year, to save some money to go to uni for the year after, but that didn’t happened. I paid for my drive license, I bought a car, I was really confident with my job and with my ”new life”, so I decided that I don’t want to go to study anymore and I’ll be working since that time until I can.

As a lot of people know, Portugal is living a big crisis that can not get out! Is really difficult to find a job, is really hard to keep your job, because you can not get permanent in your job, after 3 contracts they fire you because they don’t want permanent people, because there is a lot of costs for them.

So thats what happened with me, I had a job from August 2010 until 2012, after that they call me to the office and they said to me ”I’m sorry, I really like your job your are are enthusiast girl and hard worker, but I can not keep you here anymore”, so after that I lose my job, but because I was younger at that time I found a job really quick, but only part-time job, because they can pay you less if you are a part-time. So I was working in another company for one more year, I was really unhappy, because was only part-time, I never had a weekend off with my family… So I decided to look for another job, was really hard, but I found it!

Really nice job, working in a industry, monday to friday. With a free time in weekend for my family, to having my time off. I worked there for one year…

At same point, I decided to emigrate because I was feeling that If I would like to create family, to have my own house, to live my life, that job was not really enough.

So I come to London, in 1st of March 2014! Was the most really hard decision that I made in my life. I never been so many days without to see my mum, but I needed to make this decision.

But I still think that in that time, was the best decision that I made in my life. I group up a lot, in this past 3 years. I made my own decisions, I fell I got up and I’m still here.

If I would like to go back home? Yes, I still want! My heart stills in Portugal.

If you would like me to answer some questions about London, emigration, adaptation… Leaving in the comments down below and I will try to answer to everything.

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I just want to say thank for all the support that you guys being giving to me! This week I hit 100 followers here in my blog and 100 subscribers in my youtube channel.

My blog is growing because of you, because of your support, your feedback! Thank you for this new year present.

For some of you can means nothing or quiet nothing, but for me means a lot. I never expected that someone is going to read my posts or is gonna watch my videos…


Thank you so much!

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Let’s talk about beauty box!!

How does works? Did someone tried already? What you think about? Do you think the price is good for the products that coming inside? Tell me everything if you tried already!! And if you don’t and you have any question, just send to me and I will try to answer 🙂

When I was a ”blogspot girl” I always tried to do this post every month, I’m being a lookfantastic costumer for quiet long time and I can tell you that I enjoying a lot. Ok, bad thing about is that I still have so many products that I have in a box that I need to try, but apart from that, is really good trying so many different brands and in case that I like I can buy in http://www.lookfantastic.com/ .

This is the January box


With a lot of nice treats for us…



They always coming with a little magazine that explains you everything about each product. And always coming with amazing products!!

  1. Mascara – Jelly Pong Pong
  2. Creme anti age – Nuxe
  3. Brow tamer – Pixi
  4. Conditioner – Briogeo
  5. Rose gold Tweezers – The vintage cosmetic company
  6. Liquid Glow – Trifle cosmetics


I like to receive this box’s because like that, I can choose which products fits me better.

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What to pack for vacation?

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If you are like me and you always strangling when is the time to prepare your luggage… this is the correct post for you!!


In this video I’ll give you some tips and essentials when you need to pack for holidays. I hope you will find this video helpful.

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For todays video I’ll bring with me ”December Favourites 2016”.

I hope you like it! ❤


p.s. – I’m flying back home tomorrow for some holidays, get ready for some cool vlogs in Portugal and for some nice OOTD!

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And here I am with a new video on my channel! From now on all the videos are going to be in english, because  is much better for everyone 🙂

(forgive me my accent, but I still learning english – 2 years ago I didn’t know how to say any word at all, I didn’t understand anything)

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Hi girls!

Happy new year to everyone 🙂

For today I decided to bring you something special for the new year… a discount in coconut-lane. Go and check it out the website, there is a lot of cute stuff that you can buy there: jumpers, cases for your phone and macbook…

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