Hi sweeties! ❤

Let’s talk about beauty box!!

How does works? Did someone tried already? What you think about? Do you think the price is good for the products that coming inside? Tell me everything if you tried already!! And if you don’t and you have any question, just send to me and I will try to answer 🙂

When I was a ”blogspot girl” I always tried to do this post every month, I’m being a lookfantastic costumer for quiet long time and I can tell you that I enjoying a lot. Ok, bad thing about is that I still have so many products that I have in a box that I need to try, but apart from that, is really good trying so many different brands and in case that I like I can buy in http://www.lookfantastic.com/ .

This is the January box


With a lot of nice treats for us…



They always coming with a little magazine that explains you everything about each product. And always coming with amazing products!!

  1. Mascara – Jelly Pong Pong
  2. Creme anti age – Nuxe
  3. Brow tamer – Pixi
  4. Conditioner – Briogeo
  5. Rose gold Tweezers – The vintage cosmetic company
  6. Liquid Glow – Trifle cosmetics


I like to receive this box’s because like that, I can choose which products fits me better.

Thank you for reading,

Kiss, DannielaS.

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