Hi sweeties! 🙂

There is a lot of people asking the same questions to me, so today I decided to answer to all of them, telling you my story.

In June of 2010 I finished my high school, at that time I didn’t had enough money to go to university, so I didn’t apply for it. I come from a family that always believed that you need to fight for what you want. In that time, I was living with my mum, (as my mum and my dad was divorced since I was 11 years old) she didn’t have money to put me in university, as I had a old brother that didn’t went to uni for the same reason.

So I made a decision to start to work, to find a job for a year, to save some money to go to uni for the year after, but that didn’t happened. I paid for my drive license, I bought a car, I was really confident with my job and with my ”new life”, so I decided that I don’t want to go to study anymore and I’ll be working since that time until I can.

As a lot of people know, Portugal is living a big crisis that can not get out! Is really difficult to find a job, is really hard to keep your job, because you can not get permanent in your job, after 3 contracts they fire you because they don’t want permanent people, because there is a lot of costs for them.

So thats what happened with me, I had a job from August 2010 until 2012, after that they call me to the office and they said to me ”I’m sorry, I really like your job your are are enthusiast girl and hard worker, but I can not keep you here anymore”, so after that I lose my job, but because I was younger at that time I found a job really quick, but only part-time job, because they can pay you less if you are a part-time. So I was working in another company for one more year, I was really unhappy, because was only part-time, I never had a weekend off with my family… So I decided to look for another job, was really hard, but I found it!

Really nice job, working in a industry, monday to friday. With a free time in weekend for my family, to having my time off. I worked there for one year…

At same point, I decided to emigrate because I was feeling that If I would like to create family, to have my own house, to live my life, that job was not really enough.

So I come to London, in 1st of March 2014! Was the most really hard decision that I made in my life. I never been so many days without to see my mum, but I needed to make this decision.

But I still think that in that time, was the best decision that I made in my life. I group up a lot, in this past 3 years. I made my own decisions, I fell I got up and I’m still here.

If I would like to go back home? Yes, I still want! My heart stills in Portugal.

If you would like me to answer some questions about London, emigration, adaptation… Leaving in the comments down below and I will try to answer to everything.

Thank you for reading.

Kiss, DannielaS.

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