Yes is true! Some of my pics of the trip to Amsterdam are finally here!

For the ones that don’t know, in the middle of this month I went to Amsterdam for three days. Short ones but in my opinion I enjoyed a lot and I have seeing a lot of Amsterdam, apart of museums… but I’m not a good fun of museums.

For me that I live in a big city full of tourists, Amsterdam is a bit different… yes, we find a lot of tourists, but at the same time we can feel that most of the people are living there and good point for me it is that we can walk around super easy from place to place even by walk or by bike. There is not much traffic or pollution, most or almost everyone using bike or tram to move from place to place.

Is a completely free city, I enjoyed a lot!

I leave here some pics from this days… the only place I couldn’t take pictures was Anne Frank House, that for the ones that are planning to go to Amsterdam, is a must go! You only pay nine euros in the entrance and is an amazing place, I felt sick!

5:30am – London 
never forget to take a picture on the flight 🙂
typical picture on the canals 
instagram places




I hope you like it this post.

If you have any questions about Amsterdam, leave in the comments and I will try to answer ASAP.

And tell me which places do you dream to visit no this year but next year, I have a big list that I don’t know where to start.


Kiss, DannielaS.



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