And because today is 1st of December of course I had to make a post 😀

You guys deserve a explanation of why I stop to make videos and post here, but at the moment is the only think I can say…

During this month I’ll be posting some stuff here on my blog! I can not afford to do the same in my youtube channel, as this month is the busiest for me. I would loved to be more present in both, but because I know how difficult it is to be active here, on the youtube and on my instagram and plus my professional life, I prefer to be more involve on my blog as I was before everything else and maybe my youtube channel will disappear or I’ll keep this break for few more months.

Apart from that, my blog will be up to date from now on! Some exciting posts will come during this month.

I’ll leave here some inspo from tumblr, I’m so into christmas, hot chocolate’s, christmas jumpers and all that sweet stuff.








Lots of love to everyone.

Kiss, DannielaS.


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