Um daqueles dias que nos apetece ir lá para fora tirar fotografias, mesmo sem estar o sol a brilhar e eu a sentir-me congelada…

Adoro este sítio, fica em Holland Park, em Londres. Super calmo e mesmo à aquele estilo instagram.

estou vestida de: casaco ~ Missguided; camisola ~ Pull&bear; colar ~ loja local; jeans ~ Zara; botas ~ Shein; mala ~ Fiorelli (by John Lewis).


One of those days that we feel like going out to take pictures, even without the sun shining and me feeling frozen …

I love this place, It’s in Holland park in London. Super quiet and great for that instagram pic.

I’m dressed in: Coat ~ Missguided; Sweater ~ Pull&Bear; Necklace ~ Local store; Jeans ~ Zara; Boots ~ Shein; Bag ~ Fiorelli (by John Lewis).


Kiss, DannielaS.



Sometimes we think that more expensive products are the best ones. But sometimes even the ones from a drugstore doing the same and are cheaper. This lipsticks are one that examples…

They cost 3£ each and they are amazing, staying for 24hrs, giving that perfect matte lips.





My ones are: Hustle; Kooky; Reckless & Flair.

Kiss, DannielaS.

~ my everyday makeup ~

Hi ❤

Today I bring along with me, my everyday make up.

For the past weeks I’m being enjoying a lot doing this makeup. It’s super simple to do it and looks so natural.

All the products I use are the ones I find most suitable for my skin, and those that make me feel good.
It lasts all day, as if I just put on make-up.




Concealer – Urban decay naked skin


maybelline – mattifying powder



Urban decay – beached bronzer
L’oreal – brown artist
Urban decay – smoky palette
Marc jacobs – mascara



Urban decay vice mega matte lipstick – shape ”hex”




Any questions about where is the best place to buy this products that I’m using, or which one you should use… leave in the comments 🙂

I hope you like this post,

Kiss, DannielaS.

~ Christmas wishlist ~


There is no a Christmas month without a Christmas wishlist… And here I am with my one!



To begin with, loved that the only gift under the Christmas tree was a ticket to NYC. It was enough for me this year, the desire to travel is growing inside.

And with that for sure, bring with me some goodies from bath&body works.

And for the end and because still on my wishlist for a long time and I still didn’t get chance to buy,


This Gucci bag, so much love for it.


Kiss, DannielaS.





Have you already chosen your christmas jumper?

I have. And I’ll leave here the best Christmas jumper 2017 with links, in case that you still want to buy yours 🙂

link here – prettylittething
link here – prettylittlething
link here – Topshop
link here – boohoo
link here – boohoo
link here – boohoo


link here – boohoo


I hope you enjoyed this post.

Kiss, DannielaS.


Today I bring along with me my two must have skincare routine.

For so many years I never used nothing on my face, even make up. And when I started to used make up I didn’t care to use anything to wash my face, I was the kind of person that after a long day with make up, I was brushing my teeth and go straight to the bed, without doing anything to my skin.

But now that I realised that I’m getting old and my skin is not how was it before, I started to take care of myself.

So, after a long day when I get home I just want to remove my clothes, take a shower. After that I wash my face with this micellar water from Garnier. Is perfect, removes everything and leaves my skin super soft, what is great.



Before I’m going to the bed I just pass this Bio-oil on my skin to moisturise and to help me to get away with all the spots and marks that I have on my face. I use this product twice a day, in the morning and before I’m going to bed. Is being help me a lot with my dry skin. This product is great for any part of your body.



And here they are, my two secret products to keep my face super soft and moisturised.

I hope you enjoyed this post and was helpful for you.

Kiss, DannielaS.


And because today is 1st of December of course I had to make a post 😀

You guys deserve a explanation of why I stop to make videos and post here, but at the moment is the only think I can say…

During this month I’ll be posting some stuff here on my blog! I can not afford to do the same in my youtube channel, as this month is the busiest for me. I would loved to be more present in both, but because I know how difficult it is to be active here, on the youtube and on my instagram and plus my professional life, I prefer to be more involve on my blog as I was before everything else and maybe my youtube channel will disappear or I’ll keep this break for few more months.

Apart from that, my blog will be up to date from now on! Some exciting posts will come during this month.

I’ll leave here some inspo from tumblr, I’m so into christmas, hot chocolate’s, christmas jumpers and all that sweet stuff.








Lots of love to everyone.

Kiss, DannielaS.



Yes is true! Some of my pics of the trip to Amsterdam are finally here!

For the ones that don’t know, in the middle of this month I went to Amsterdam for three days. Short ones but in my opinion I enjoyed a lot and I have seeing a lot of Amsterdam, apart of museums… but I’m not a good fun of museums.

For me that I live in a big city full of tourists, Amsterdam is a bit different… yes, we find a lot of tourists, but at the same time we can feel that most of the people are living there and good point for me it is that we can walk around super easy from place to place even by walk or by bike. There is not much traffic or pollution, most or almost everyone using bike or tram to move from place to place.

Is a completely free city, I enjoyed a lot!

I leave here some pics from this days… the only place I couldn’t take pictures was Anne Frank House, that for the ones that are planning to go to Amsterdam, is a must go! You only pay nine euros in the entrance and is an amazing place, I felt sick!

5:30am – London 
never forget to take a picture on the flight 🙂
typical picture on the canals 
instagram places




I hope you like it this post.

If you have any questions about Amsterdam, leave in the comments and I will try to answer ASAP.

And tell me which places do you dream to visit no this year but next year, I have a big list that I don’t know where to start.


Kiss, DannielaS.




E esta camisola? É só a peça mais linda dos ultimos tempos. Comprei-a para a estaçao do outono e acho que combina lindamente com a estaçao. É tao cosy, descontraida… Quando a comprei foi mesmo a pensar naquelas manhas de outono em que saiu de casa para um brunch.

And this jumper? Is just one of the best things that I bought in the last month. I bought for the autumn season. It’s so cosy and comfortable… When I bought I was imagining to use in that autumn mornings for a brunch or something like that.

If you would like to know where I bought this jumper: shein

Kiss, DannielaS.

My wishlist


Guess what? Hoje trago a minha wishlist de momento, eu sei que pode parecer estupido eu ter uma wishlist, até porque ganho o meu próprio dinheiro… mas também mereço a minha própria wishlist. Aquela lista de ”coisinhas” que nos enchem os olhos e ficamos a adorar durante meses, mas são um bocado fora do nosso bolso…

Guess what? Today I bring my wishlist, I know it may seem stupid to have a wishlist, even because I make my own money … but I also deserve my own wishlist. That list of ”little things ” that fill our eyes and we have been adored for months, but they are a bit out of our pocket …

Kenzo perfum
nike shoes
biker jacket – Zara
Gucci – soho disco
Lente Canon 50mm

And you? Do you have any wishlist? 

Kiss, DannielaS.