~ Christmas wishlist ~


There is no a Christmas month without a Christmas wishlist… And here I am with my one!



To begin with, loved that the only gift under the Christmas tree was a ticket to NYC. It was enough for me this year, the desire to travel is growing inside.

And with that for sure, bring with me some goodies from bath&body works.

And for the end and because still on my wishlist for a long time and I still didn’t get chance to buy,


This Gucci bag, so much love for it.


Kiss, DannielaS.


My wishlist


Guess what? Hoje trago a minha wishlist de momento, eu sei que pode parecer estupido eu ter uma wishlist, até porque ganho o meu próprio dinheiro… mas também mereço a minha própria wishlist. Aquela lista de ”coisinhas” que nos enchem os olhos e ficamos a adorar durante meses, mas são um bocado fora do nosso bolso…

Guess what? Today I bring my wishlist, I know it may seem stupid to have a wishlist, even because I make my own money … but I also deserve my own wishlist. That list of ”little things ” that fill our eyes and we have been adored for months, but they are a bit out of our pocket …

Kenzo perfum
nike shoes
biker jacket – Zara
Gucci – soho disco
Lente Canon 50mm

And you? Do you have any wishlist? 

Kiss, DannielaS.